Family Life Ministry

Families Ministering Together- A place where individuals young and old join with their families to participate in ministry activities together. Also, a place for families in all stages to be ministered to. We hope to accomplish this through regular service/outreach efforts and seminars to open to church members and the community. 

We want all members in various stages of family: Singles, divorced, married, widowed, to feel they are an integral part of God’s family and play a part in His body. We want to cater to all members of God’s family in Duluth and equip them for heaven.

We want to invite our community members to family life programs and other ministry programs. Most of these events are social in nature such as outdoor vespers where we meet together and interact. Even our ministry activities are opportunities for people to talk and connect, getting to know each other and displaying various talents as we work together. We will offer seminars where people can connect about real life issues such as marriage, financial peace, and parenting. We also want to work hand in hand with other ministries to further the gospel and the church’s vision for evangelism.

We want to see families participating in outreach ministries we have such as: feeding families in Lawrenceville, leading out and participating in Bible studies, leading out in prayer and fasting programs, take an active role in family life programs such as outdoor Vespers by singing, doing poetry, speaking to the public for outreach purposes.

Resources (all available through AdventSource)

  • Family Ministries Curriculum—(English) Spanish and French coming soon
  • Family Ministries Handbook—(English and Spanish)
  • Family Ministries Quick Guide—(English and Spanish)
  • Men’s Ministries Curriculum—(English and Spanish)
  • Adventist Single Adult Ministries Curriculum—available at AdventSource

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